Introducing the Ultrasonic Anemometer ‘ULSA PRO’

At JAPAN DRONE 2024 (June 5-7, 2024, Makuhari Messe), we unveiled the new model of the ULSA series of ultrasonic anemometers, 'ULSA PRO'. This product is the result of a joint development effort between Nippon Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and STRATOVISION, which started in October last year.

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In October 2023, we started the joint development of ultrasonic anemometers with Nippon Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

ULSA PRO is positioned as an advanced model of the ULSA BASIC/M5B series, which was released in December 2022. It features an increased maximum wind speed measurement (50m/s), waterproof performance (IPX6), and high measurement accuracy even for wind inflows from inclined or oblique directions (±20° or less), which conventional ultrasonic anemometers struggled with.

In this joint development, Nippon Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. handled the aerodynamic analysis of the anemometer, new design and manufacturing of the high-speed wind tunnel (50m/s), and testing support. STRATOVISION was responsible for the electrical and software design of the ultrasonic anemometer, including a new measurement algorithm for high-speed winds.

Supports wind speeds up to 50m/s. Measurement accuracy remains at ±5% rdg. from BASIC/M5B series.
Maintains high accuracy in measuring wind inflows even during inclination.

ULSA PRO is scheduled to be released within the fiscal year 2024. For inquiries about the product or implementation, please use the contact form on our website.

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